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Independent validation and verification services

CADHAM Consultancy Ltd is pleased to provide independent validation and verification services for healthcare clients in many parts of the world.

A process of proving that the system is fit for purpose and achieves the operating performance originally specified. It will normally be a condition of contract that “The system will be acceptable to the client if at the time of validation it is considered fit for purpose and will only require routine maintenance in order to remain so for its projected life.” This service is best carried out by an independent company working directly to the client and not the main contractor. Ensuring what is delivered is what was specified.


Verification procedures involve regularly repeating tests devised specifically to ensure that the product, service, or system continues to meet the initial design requirements, specifications, and regulations as time progresses. Verification can be daily, monthly, quarterly or annual dependent of the service being verified and the client's requirements. Ensuring standards continue to be achieved.


To suit you

Independent validation and verification for other healthcare specialised services can be arranged to suit your needs.

Independent validation and verification services

00 44 7747785345

00 353 866041911

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